Kids Tangle

Teaching children Zentangle can be one of the most rewarding classes that I do. Recently I had the opportunity teach at one of the local elementary schools in my town. It was the second grade class. At first I was concerned that they might be too young, but thought lets give this a try. There were 20 kids in the class and most of them were boys. They were amazing! They hung onto every instruction.  After the class their teacher said to me that she had never seen these kids so quiet and still for so long! Their work turned out beautifully and was used to raise money for their class at the school's fundraiser. YAY!

Mindfulness training has  become very popular in the world of education today. It is being used as a tool to calm anxiety with test taking and daily stressors. Zentangle offers a unique way to draw kids into mindfulness without feeling like a challenge.  Most children come naturally to the creative process because it has not been inhibited yet.  Some of my most gifted practitioners are children.